Pasture-Raised Meat and Animal Sales

We raise a variety of free-ranging animals on our pastures and woodland areas with a focus on non-commercial and heritage breeds. We never use chemicals in our animals or on the land on which they graze. This allows our animals to grow happy and healthy by eating multiple forage options over a natural terrain. We believe our practical approach and care for our animals allows us to deliver delicious products to our customers that they can feel good about eating or breeding.

We offer live animal sales as well as bulk meat options and individual cuts of pork, beef, lamb, chicken and turkey.

Bulk Meat Options

Whole Hog $7.50/lb

Approximately 45lbs of pork including: Ground pork, ground sausage, pork belly, unsmoked sliced ham, uncooked ham roast, boston butt, shoulder roast, pork medallions (sliced center cut boneless loin), ribs, bone-in pork chops, unsmoked ham hocks. 

Farmer’s Favorite Pork Box $175

You will receive over 20lbs of our most popular pork cuts, including:

-5 packages of ground pork
-5 packages of ground breakfast sausage (mild or medium)
-5 packages of pork medallions (sliced center cut boneless loin)
-2 packages of Boston Butts
-1 uncooked ham roast
-6 packages of bone-in pork chops

Whole Lamb $13/lb

Approximately 40-45lbs of lamb including: leg of lamb, lamb ribs, variety of lamb chops, mild ground breakfast sausage, mild breakfast links, ground lamb, lamb stew

Farmer’s Favorite Lamb Box $325

In this bundle, you will receive the following (number of packages and weights are approximate):

-Ground lamb: 5 packages, 5lbs
-Breakfast Links, mild: 5 packages, 5 lbs
-Lamb Stew: 5 packages, 5 lbs
-Leg of Lamb: 2 packages, 8lbs
-Assorted Lamb chops: 4 packages, 2 lbs

Ground Lamb Box $125

You will receive 10 packages (approximately 10lbs) of our free-range, pasture-raised lamb in this Ground lamb box. 

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